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We understand that you have options when it comes to recycling your scrap metals, so we do our best to always provide you with the best prices available. At We Buy Scrap LLC, our customers always come first, so we will work with you to come to a price that works for both of us. However, due to the nature of what we do, pricing often fluctuates.

Why Pricing Fluctuates

The fluctuation of the pricing of scrap metals is influenced by a variety of factors. The primary factors that influence pricing are the cost of energy and production, supply and demand, and the cost of virgin metals.

Economic factors can severely impact the price of certain metals. For example, a dramatic increase in home construction can inflate the price of copper while an extreme housing crisis can significantly deflate the price of copper. Due to this, we aren’t able to guarantee that our current prices will stay the same for very long. However, regardless of current circumstances, we always do our best to ensure that our prices are fair and competitive.

Be sure to check this page often for updated prices, or feel free to call us at any time to confirm our prices.

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Our Prices


UPDATED MAY 22, 2019


Minimum 10 LB Non-Ferrous

Copper Price Per LB
Bright & Shiny $2.25
Copper #1$2.18
Copper #2$1.94
Dirty Copper$0.50
Light Copper$1.80
Wire #1 (75%)$1.60
Wire #2 (45%)$0.65
Wire #3 (35%)$0.28
Aluminum Price Per LB
6063 Extrusion Clean$0.56
6063 Extrusion Dirty$0.40
Aluminum Cans$0.20
Aluminum Radiators Clean$0.30
Aluminum Radiators Dirty$0.15
Aluminum Rims$0.58
Aluminum Rims With Chrome
Cast Aluminum $0.30
Mixed Aluminum $0.25
Sheet Aluminum $0.30
BrassPrice Per LB
Clean Brass$1.42
Dirty Brass$0.40
LeadPrice Per LB
Clean Lead$0.50
Dirty Lead$0.10
Batteries Price Per LB Minimum 100LB
Lead Acid Battery $0.25
Stainless Steel Price Per LB
Clean Stainless Steel$0.33
Dirty Stainless Steel $0.10
Miscellaneous Price Per LB
Aluminum Copper Radiators Clean$1.05
Aluminum Copper Radiators Dirty $0.90
Electric Motor$0.18
Sealed Unit$0.16


Minimum 100 LB Ferrous

FerrousPrice Per LB
Drums/Rotors Clean$0.08
Prepared Steel$0.065
Unprepared Steel$0.04
Shred Steel/Tin$0.045